Unintended Nuclear War

On the current situation: Nuclear War Risk and Russia-Ukraine war

Since the first use of an atomic bomb in Hiroshima, there has been a fear of nuclear war with devastating consequences. The fact that no further nuclear weapons have been used since Hiroshima and Nagasaki is attributed in particular to the deterrence strategy, which assumes assured mutual annihilation in the event of an attack: “He who shoots first dies second”. Despite this deterrence strategy, however, nuclear war can happen by accident. In the past, there have been some situations where it was only through great luck that nuclear war did not occur by accident. Why this risk exists and will increase sharply in the coming years and decades is described on these pages.

On the current situation: Nuclear War Risk and Russia-Ukraine war

Unintended Nuclear War  SWR-Film (in german, 28 minutes)

Unintended Nuclear War  – Quick introduction to the topic (PDF)

Unintended Nuclear War  – Detailed articles on the topic

Essential goals of these pages:

  • Provision of information on the risk of nuclear war, especially nuclear war by accident
  • Supporting efforts that may lead to a reduction in the risk of nuclear war.

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