Short Reports

Former heads of state, defence ministers and senior military officers also warn against nuclear war by mistake, some examples.

No one wants a nuclear war, but one can accidentally break out  –  7 theses

Possible actions to reduce the risk of nuclear war  –  suggestions

On the Controllability of Nuclear Weapons, quoting from a security policy book and commenting on it.

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are increasingly being used in early warning systems to detect attacks with nuclear weapons, as it is becoming more and more difficult for humans to assess alerts in the time available. Decisions made by AI systems can also be wrong. Can security be increased if certain information is withheld from AI systems? … (PDF, 3 pages)

Cyber warfare capabilities are being developed by many states. Conflicts between states are increasingly accompanied by cyberattacks. The consequence is new dangers, also regarding nuclear war by mistake. This is explained with an example … (continue)

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