This page shows some current information with participation of members of our team. More current information about the nuclear war risk can be found e.g. on or other sites of the peace movement.

28.2.2022: Article “The Risk of Accidental Nuclear War and the War in Ukraine

5.12.2021: Call by a group of experts (including former ambassadors and generals): “Get out of the escalation spiral!” An urgent appeal to improve relations with Russia. The appeal is posted in various places on the Internet, e.g., here

25.3.2021: At 10 p.m. on the SWR television programme – Knowledge on SWR: “Kein bisschen Frieden – Warum uns neue Kriegsgefahren drohen” it’s also about “accidental nuclear war” (Mediathek). An almost half-hour film by SWR on “Unintended Nuclear war” is also available in the media library (SWR-Film).

27.1.2021: Statement by members of the VDW Study Group on European Security and Peace. This declaration deals with risk reduction, non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament and is addressed to the Federal Government, the German Bundestag and the public. (pdf)

22.1.2021: Expert discussion with MdB Dr. Rolf Mützenich and Brigadier General (ret.) Reiner Schwalb on the topic “Nuclear war by mistake?”, announcement, flyer, speeches

7.12.2020: Final report of a group of security experts from politics, the military and academia from the USA, Russia and Europe on the security situation in Europe. The signatories (many former foreign and defense ministers, former generals and admirals, ambassadors, and experts from universities and think tanks) warn against a military escalation and urgently recommend improving relations between the NATO states and Russia and building confidence-building measures. (internet pagepdf)

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