Action Suggestions

By  Uwe Werner Schierhorn

There can be a variety of measures to reduce the risk of nuclear war, e.g:

  1. Establish a joint early warning centre worldwide.
  2. Store nuclear warheads separately. They should not be mounted directly on delivery systems, such as intercontinental ballistic missiles.
  3. Conclude non-aggression treaties
  4. Abide by the Non-Proliferation Treaty: Eliminate or continuously reduce nuclear weapons
  5. Hold close-knit conferences between the countries possessing nuclear weapons
  6. Conclude new disarmament agreements that go beyond the current INF Treaty
  7. Ensure de-escalation – build a broad coalition of reason (e.g. confidence- and security-building measures as in “Cold War No. 1”, Red Phones, controls, inspections, manoeuvre announcements)
  8. Focus on “détente”, “peaceful coexistence” and “change through rapprochement”.
  9. Pursue foreign policy according to the principles of peace logic (e.g. equal rights, understanding the other side, anticipatory prevention of conflicts, readiness for reconciliation instead of violence & images of the enemy, recognition of other political cultures & renunciation of regime changes)
  10. Create cooperative security structures with inclusion and without exclusion of neighbours (e.g. geographical Europe includes at least Russia and Turkey)
  11. Improve international understanding (e.g. youth exchange, cultural exchange)

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