Action Suggestions

By  Uwe Werner Schierhorn

There can be a variety of measures to reduce the risk of nuclear war, e.g:

  • Establish a joint early warning centre worldwide
  • Nuclear warheads should be stored separately and not directly mounted on delivery systems, such as intercontinental ballistic missiles
  • Compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty: Abolish or continuously reduce nuclear weapons
  • Conferences between nuclear-weapon-owning countries with close time intervals
  • New disarmament agreements going beyond the current INF Treaty
  • De-escalation – broad coalition of reason (e.g. confidence- and security-building measures as in “Cold War No. 1”, red telephones, controls, inspections, manoeuvre announcements)
  • Focus on “d├ętente”, “peaceful coexistence” and “change through rapprochement”
  • Conduct foreign policy according to the principles of peace logic (e.g. equal rights, understanding other sides, foresightedly preventing conflicts, willingness to reconcile instead of violence & enemy images, recognition of other political cultures & renunciation of regime changes)
  • Creating cooperative security structures with integration and without exclusion of neighbours (e.g. geographic Europe includes at least Russia and Turkey)
  • Improvement of international understanding (e.g. youth exchange, cultural exchange)

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