Nuclear weapons out

The risk of nuclear war is high, as the doomsday clock shows. The motto “nuclear weapons out” can be a target to reduce this risk. Even if the use of nuclear weapons is not consciously planned, a nuclear war can break out by mistake as an accident due to unfortunate coincidental events. The authors of these pages focus on this aspect and point out this danger.

Target groups of these pages:

Politicians, military experts: are to be supported with information in order to take measures that may lead to a reduction of the risk of nuclear war.
Population: should be made aware of the risks of nuclear war, especially the risks of nuclear war by accident.
Companies, prominent personalities: These can reach a larger number of people to draw attention to the risks of nuclear war, e.g. by links from their Internet presence to this page ( or other pages with similar concerns.

Examples of support notices can be found on the home page at the point Unintended Nuclear War  –  What can I do?

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